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Consumer Action Law Centre Are Racist

Here is some background to what has transpired.

I had previous interactions with Consumer Action Law Centre with 2 cases against a company of mine. They were minor cases under $10,000.

The results of the cases were

1st Case: We agreed to settle with no liability to either party. I knew we had all the facts on our side and we would win the case if it went to court but decided it was not worth it seeing they started proceedings in the Federal Court and it would have cost 100’s of thousands to defend over such a small amount of money.

The reason people or organisations sue you this way when it could have been dealt with by the magistrates court is to bully you because they have all the money and resources to fight you this way and they know 99.9% of the time you cannot afford to defend it in the Federal court because of the costs and you will just settle so it goes away.

Well after settling with no costs or liability to both parties, they have left a link on their website with the so called “facts” of the case that are blatant lies. They have not updated the page with the updated information that it was settled without any liability to either parties like you would believe an honest and transparent organisation who so called “cares about the people” and gets our tax dollars to fund their organisation would do. After requests to remove it, they have refused to do so even though it settled without any liability to us.

2nd Case: After receiving a second claim against me from Consumer Action Law Centre where my business had done nothing wrong again, I realised they had a target on me and after reading articles they had written that they had chosen my company as well as another organisation as their sacrificial lambs so they could achieve the agenda they were running.

Well this time I was aware of how they behaved and how dishonest they were along with what type of people and organisation I was dealing with. I DECIDED to stand my ground and would fight to the end no matter how much it cost me because I did nothing wrong.

RESULT was, they ended up dismissing the case and paying my legal costs!

Their behaviour and negative misleading articles with no basis that are blatant lies have had a negative impact on me earning a living. They do not care about the little guy trying to earn a living. They just care what their agenda is and anybody in their way or needs to be used to achieve their agenda is just a sacrificial lamb who they have no regard for to what happens to them!


In early January of 2020 I received a letter in the mail. The letter was very disturbing to me and in short accused Ursula Noye and Gerard Brody of racially vilifying. The sender told me to watch out for myself and to protect myself. (letter and envelope below)

Upon receiving this letter, I made a complaint to Consumer Action Law Centre. I initially received correspondence from Amanda Storey who was the Director of Legal Practice. Then the last email of correspondence was from the Chairperson Victoria Marles.

I sent them the letter and they made all sorts of excuses and basically said this is not enough of this or that and they will not investigate it. NOT EVEN a discussion to my knowledge with at least Ursula Noye or Gerard Brody or any other staff to ask if it had been happening or if this was said etc.

This has been so distressing and to think that an organisation that is funded by tax dollars who is supposed to care about people would behave in the manner they have is devastating and has caused me untold psychological harm!

MY FEAR IS if they know that I am exposing what has happened here and that they will use all their resources to bully me and destroy me. BUT I am willing to risk whatever they try to do to me to stand up for others who have been bullied and racially vilified and had their concerns ignored.

Thank You and I hope this gives people inspiration to fight back against bullies and if you feel you have been racially vilified!

If you have suffered from being racially vilified by Consumer Action Law Centre, please call 03 8376 6325 

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